Kyzyl Kum Sands

Виртуальный тур

Kyzyl Kum Sands area is about 300 thousand square kilometers, settling down in the territory of two countries: Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Deserted open spaces in the Kazakhstan part are presented with their long and wide takyr (places where the clay soil is cracked under the influence of the scorching sun), the sandy hillocks sometimes towering to a height of 40 meter and lowlands, including those of saline type. All that could be of interest to the travellers. In sands one may often meet saksaul (Haloxylon) - a representatives of local flora and saksaul jay (Podoces panderi) - the endemic of the Central Asia desert, its true companion (as jay makes its nests in the branches of saksaul tree). If in summer period one still may call the desert flat and sad, then in the spring it changes, as its rich vegetation could be seen, despite for a short period of time, painting reddish sand and making it different colors.


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