The Sauran Fortress Ruins

Виртуальный тур

For many years now the Sauran is a place where adventurers and fans of antiquity flock to. It is believed that the city had been settled by Arabs sometime around the VIII century in a place located three kilometers away from the ruins that are here now. Later, for some reason, the old city had been neglected, and they started building a new city there. This took place in between the XII-XIII centuries. It is amazing, but the Sauran, possessing the most powerful fortifications, could not resist the army of Chingiz-Khan, preferring, instead, to enter into a peace agreement with Mongols and stand under their protection. Later (in XIV century) the Sauran became the capital of Ak-Orda (or White Horde) one of the states built on the ruins of the Mongolian Empire. That time was an epoch of the original blossom for the city. Underground water ducts – kiariz – are considered one of the most interesting objects in the ancient settlement of Sauran, as that system is found here on a dramatic scale: stretching more than 110 kilometers – they were used to bring water to Sauran from the far away Karatau Mountains.


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