Soviet Monuments Alley in Aksu

Виртуальный тур

This place, by no means peculiar for modern Kazakhstan, brings us back, decades into the past. Back to the days of the Soviet Union - a time when Marx and Lenin were looked upon as idols by the general population. When sculptors and artists, alike, endlessly embodied them in numerous works of art, along with other symbols of the time; like the sickle and a hammer. At one time, each city... each village of Kazakhstan, regularly displayed a similar set of monuments.But the times of the USSR had passed, and these sculptures began to disappear, one by one, from the streets of cities and settlements. The authorities of the small industrial city of Aksu had taken an unprecedented step which, undoubtedly, promotes cultural heritage preservation, whatever state and age it represented. Today, in this small territory, visitors can view monuments to the Soviet politicians.Prevalent among these are monuments of Vladimir Lenin, the ideologist of October Revolution; as well as other, familiar to that time period, giving one the sensation of travelling through time.


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