The Plateau of Aktolagaj

Виртуальный тур

The cretaceous plateau which is situated on the border of the Atyrau and Aktyubinsk regions, appears to have been a sea-bottom long ago. For that very reason, now you may find many fossilized remains of molluscs, corals, urchins such as sea hedgehogs and other creatures of the sea living tens of millions of years ago. Teeth of the ancient sharks, ichthyosaurus and dinosaurs... stone prints of plants that are unknown today, hardened trees – the list of varieties goes on and on. Once the life was actually zipped and well developed. Now Aktolagaj is an amazing place with its deserted landscapes... where the winds own the surrounding space, blowing through the deserted, saline earth and snow-white rocks among which you may find some vegetation, concealed from the scorching sun. If you're lucky, you just might find a bit of shade yourself, to shelter you from the relentless sun. Silence and open spaces are the main attractions here; for those who take joy in adventure and risk.


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