The city of Aktobe and its attractions

Виртуальный тур

The city had been formed in 1869 as one of numerous fortresses intended to protect the peace of the Russian Empire in the southeast. The fortress had been built on the two nearby hills, with a Muslim burial place, made of the white stone, on top of one of them. Hence, the name Ak-tobe (meaning White Hill). In less than a decade, the borders of the Empire were moved far to the south. From this strategically important place Aktobe became a regular settlement, which many immigrants rushed to, from the other regions of the Empire. Ten years later, in 1891, Aktobe became a city. One of the most interesting sights of the city found in Aktobe today is the stationary planetarium, first opened in 1967. Here, visitors can have a look at such interesting heavenly phenomena as solar and lunar eclipses, meteor showers, comets and fire-balls. Nurdaulet is a place of interest, as it is an integrated mosque, as well as a trade and entertainment centre, which it must be noted, is a rather unusual combination.


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