Tengiz the Lesser Lake

Виртуальный тур

The whole territory of Korgalzhynsky park is an excellent place for ornithologists and bird watchers. However Tengiz, the Lesser Lake, is particularly remarkable for its coast which is the most convenient place to watch some of the more exotic birds such as Pink Flamingo which nests here from May till October.The Korgalzhynsky park is home to the most northern population of flamingo in the world, but, being located on a cross point of bird migration routes, these lakes are also a place where you may observe a great number of other bird species. Here one can find more than 300 different types of birds. Among the more interesting are the curly pelican, gerfalcon or merlin, white-headed savka and many others.All this variety became the reason that some years ago the lakes of the park had been listed as one of the key ornithological territories of the world.


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