The mausoleum of Domalak Ana - architectural monument ХІ of a century. The monument is located in the South Kazakhstan regin, on a southern slope of Karatau, in a river Balabogen valley. It is built over a tomb of Nurily Ali Sylankyzy, in the people known as Domalak Ana. Domalak-Ana younger spouse Bajdibek-Ata. It was famous for the uncommon mind and wisdom, the motherhood and good symbol is. There is a version that Domalak-Ana occurs from Persian «Dihnat mum» meaning Sacred Mother. Subsequently the word of Dihnat has changed in Domalak. It has become famous in the people thanks to the mind, wisdom, cleanliness of soul and sanctity when only has married Bajdibek-Ata. And it is a lot of in the people it is extended stories narrating about its resource, wisdom. Domalak-Ana the wise decisions reconciled, muffled immemorial insults. Domalak-Ana Aulie-ata, Shymkent, Tashkent is the foremother of the people living in Semireche. Her son Zharykshak was the adviser at Tashkent Amir, later governor Semirechja, then the main vizier of khan Esenbugy. Last days the life she has made decision to get over in native mountains Karatau, on command was in dream of Bajdibek-Ata and dies during a prayer. Grandson Domalak-Ana Dulat invites the master Abdulla Sheri from Bukhara and constructs over a tomb of the grandmother четырехярусный, the dome mausoleum which till today is object of worship and visiting of many people. The monument is built originally up in 1456 in the form of the 4-wall mausoleum with domes. In current XI-XV of centuries the mausoleum of Domalak Ana was some times restored. The monument put in the beginning of the XX-th century has the round form, with six niches, with a dome over the basic construction. Again отреставрировнный in 1957 the mausoleum of Domalak Ana hasn't remained. In 1996 the laying from white каменей, delivered of Mangystau is made. The height of the mausoleum of Domalak Ana of 12 meters, восьмиманжетный a dome is on the core соружении. Under the legend, in the mausoleum of Domalak-Ana there are two sacred stones, pass between which the just person can only. In a museum a considerable quantity of manuscripts has remained.

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