Akmysh Stow and Sherkala Rock

Виртуальный тур

Akmysh stow which is 170 kilometres away from the city of Aktau near by the Shetpe settlement is extremely diverse in its beautiful natural surroundings, and the same can be said for its historical background. Against the groves are murmuring streams and rocky formations of the most surprising forms.An inquisitive traveller may also distinguish traces of the historical events which have taken place here from as far back as the Middle Ages. It is believed that the fortress of Dzhuchi, Chingiz-khan’s elder son, and rather important person in Kazakh history was located nearby the legendary and sacred rock of Sherkala. Who knows what other treasures can be found at the back of the numerous caves of Sherkaly rock which, translated from Turkic means the “lion’s mountain”. Also found here, are ruins of the city of Mankyshlak which was standing on the caravan track between East and West since time immemorial. 


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