The Kajyndy Lake

Виртуальный тур

The Kajyndy Lake, formed over a century ago as a result of landslip, is situated among the Kungey-Alatau Mountains, which are covered with coniferous and deciduous woods, and located 280 kilometers to the east of Almaty. Here the traveler can find a quite surrealistic picture: the trunks of the Tjan-Shanj fur-trees may be seen rising directly from its waters, to a height of about 15 meters, creating, for most people, an image of the masts of sunken ships. But an even more incredible picture awaits those who venture down under water. Here they will find the silt covered trunks of the trees as trembling from the wind on the surface and playing all colors of the rainbow due to the sunlight refracted by water. In June of 2010 when we were busy with preparing this material the Kajyndy lake had been washed away by a series of mudflows. Today, its level is 10 metres below what existed before, and one can hardly see the landscape; with fur-trees sticking out of the water again. The road to the place was also destroyed.


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