Uralsk Architecture

Виртуальный тур

Uralsk was founded in 1613 on the right bank of the Ural River. Founders of the city became free Cossacks, which were Russian royal expeditionary and cavalry forces.A large part of the history of this place is connected with them as well as the diversity of the city's architecture. The Cathedral of Michael the Archangel now sits on the city's original location.This area is now called Kurens, meaning Cossack house. To the north of Kuren there are buildings of the old city. Generally, merchant houses and administrative and cultural facilities.The most famous buildings are the house of the merchant Kareev [his family name], the drama theater, and the house of Cossack’s ataman, or General. The temple of Jesus Christ became a symbol (or visit card) of the city, as synonymous with Kazakhstan as The Eiffel Tower is with France. It’s construction began in 1891 on a day celebrating 300 years of the Ural Cossack’s Army to “Tzar and Motherland.” 


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