Zhasybai Lake

Виртуальный тур

Zhasybai Lake, surrounded by mountains on all sides, is the second largest lake in the Bayanaulsky mountains, but reigns predominate in its popularity. The lake is named after Zhasybai Batyr, a warrior and hero of the Kazakh-Dzhungaria war. You can get to the lake using the Zhasybai passage. According to legend Zhasybai held back the dominating attacks of the enemy to the bitter end resulting in his ultimate death. There is a popular belief that when ascending toward his grave, one needs to carry a stone. When you reach his grave, throw this stone upon it and make a wish. It is said that your wish will surely come true.In the lake, there is an island of love, a place wrapped in legends of the beautiful Bayan-Sulu and her beloved Kozy-Korpesh. This romantic aura makes loved ones seek out the island as a private getaway. 


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