The river SyrDarya and Shardarinsky water basin

The second-large river of Central Asia, Syr-Darya bears the waters from Fergana valley to Aral sea. Since ancient times in a valley of Syr-Darya, among the branched out irrigational network created by hands of the person, there were the city settlements becoming central points on the Silk way. On Syr-Darya, on the border of Kazakhstan with Uzbekistan, the Shardarinsky water basin settles down. It has been created in the sixties the last century for accumulation of the water necessary for an irrigation of huge agricultural region, and also for a construction on it hydroelectric power station. But, despite so pragmatic purposes, today this extensive reservoir represents a fine place for wild rest – to services of sandy beaches having a rest about 40 kilometers, and also good chances of successful fishing.

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