Виртуальный тур

Karkaralinsk city spread on the foot of the Karkaraly mountains, was founded in 1824. There is still much material evidence of its venerable age. They have restored Kunanbai’s Mosque (named for the father of the Great Kazakh poet Abai), as well as Ryazanov's merchant house, and many of the wooden houses built in the 19 century. Being a main city in Central Kazakhstan at that time, Karkaralinsk became a place where many travelers and scientists gathered. Shokan Valikhanov, a famous Kazakh scientist and explorer was here twice. The Russian traveler and ethnographist, Grigory Potanin, Zataevich, a Russian folklorist, and many others, visited here as well. During the Russian Civil War following the October Socialist Revolution of 1917, Karkaralinsk became an arena of battle. This part of local history is made even more remarkable when taking into consideration that Lavr Kornilov, one of the most popular White Guard Generals who came to be the Supreme Commander of Russia, was born. 


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