Zhetykonyr Sands

Виртуальный тур

As a matter of fact, “Zhetykonyr” is a common noun used since ancient times by the Kazakhs for naming the motionless sandy hills covered with drought-resistant plants. However, Zhetykonyr Sands located to the southeast of the city of Zhezkazghan were eventually bared to create what is now a very surrealistic sight. Today one can observe the pictures which are absolutely non-typical for the central part of Kazakhstan; such as camels wandering among sandy dunes, and round headed lizards running through the sands, leaving point strip traces. Any one of the inhabitants of at Akkensse meteorological station are very happy to host visitors and invariably amaze them with their sincere hospitality.



25.02.2011, 01:38
Джазакахаллахайрум за ваш безупречный труд!