The Monument of Unity of Kazakhstan’s People

Виртуальный тур

From the history of Eurasian Nomads, the Ulytau region (in Kazakh, meaning «Great Mountains») was always taken as a sacred place, and for most people this place is considered an epicenter of Nomad civilization. Ulytau is considered the historical center of Sary-Arka and the Kazakh lands, as a whole, owing to its concentration of mausoleums, petroglyphic drawings, caves, ancient cities, historical and legendary stories of distant places. Ulytau is the place where khans were lifted on a white felting. The Headquarters of Kazakh governors’ were located here since the old days. The Ulytau mountains are geographically situated in the center of Kazakhstan as if emphasizing its importance once again. In present times, not far from the Ultyau village and mountains, a monument to the unity of Kazakhstan’s people was erected to make Ulytau eternalized in the history of country. 


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