Dzhuchi Khan Mausoleum

Виртуальный тур

Dzhuchi Khan (Zhoshi), the elder son of Chingiz-Khan and ancestor of most Kazakh Khans, especially loved the Sary-Arka steppes, so he stationed his Headquarters very close to the Ulytau mountains. Khan’s Headquarters were a big administrative and cultural center of Sary-Arka for a long time. Not far from that place, where now, all that remains are the ruins of the headquarters, lay Dzhuchi’s Mausoleum. It is a square building, made of red bricks with a blue dome and a portal with an arrow-shaped arch. The Mausoleum is believed to have been built in the XIV or XV century by one of Dzhuchi’s descendants.However, there is another opinion that it is from an earlier period, since the date on the monument is stated as 1227 (the year of khan’s death). According to the people’s legend, the elder son of Chingiz-Khan died somewhere in the Ulytau vicinity while hunting. It is believed he was torn by a wounded koulan, or dziggitai, a type of wild horse of the Asiatic plains, that pulled khan from his horse and bit off his right hand.



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