Baigabyl Peninsula, the Northern Bank of the Balkhash Lake

Виртуальный тур

To the south-east of Karaganda on the border of Karaganda and Almaty Oblasts there is inland Balkhash Lake; one of the largest lakes in the world (about 18 thousand square kms). What makes Balkhash unique is that it is half fresh and half salty (salty eastern and fresh western parts are divided by Uzyn-Aral strait (channel)). The depth of Balkhash does not exceed 26 meters and its length spreads more than 600 kms. Due to volume of Mining and Metallurgy operations in Balkhash city it is recommended to take a rest on the northern bank of the lake at a substantial distance from the city, and far from any of the big roads. Usually, trips to these remote locations are remembered as a real adventure.One of the great places for a distant escape, and relaxation is Baigabyl Peninsula, which is situated 140 km to the east of the city, in the salty part of the lake with the striking purity of its water's pleasant turquoise color.


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