Shunak Meteorite Crater

Виртуальный тур

One of the most interesting memorials of nature, with its unearthly origin, is the Shunak meteorite crater. It's crater was formed about 12 millions years ago by the fall of a huge meteorite and destroyed all living things for several thousand kms around. The diameter of Shunak is 3100 meters (which is two and a half times bigger than the famous Arizona crater in the USA). It's ground-level ring-shaped mound (shaft) and deplanate (compressed) bottom covered with clay (sediments) are clearly seen. The crater is rather deep, at around 400 meters. It is worth noting the awe and mystique, with which the meteorite crater is regarded. Most people believe that it is a center of strange energy, full of mystery and so on , or one can acknowledge that it is simply an unusual and interesting place to visit.



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