Shabanbai-Bi Village

Виртуальный тур

Shabanbai-Bi Village, situated at the foot of Aksoran, the highest peak of the Kyzylarai mountains, is one of the places in the Central Kazakhstan where ecotourism is developed based on the local community. Tourists are encouraged to lodge in the houses of local inhabitants as an incomparable way of getting acquainted with the simple way of village life; and to sample the traditional Kazakh cuisine such as besbarmak, kuyrdak, pilau (plov) and more. The production of felted fabric has developed in this village as a means of living, since the crafts and souvenirs made from these products are of great interest to the tourists. Shabanbai-Bi is an excellent place from which you can venture off to the many different tourist attractions of The Kyzylaraisky Mountain oasis – the archeological memorial of the Bronze Age, places from both Turkic and modern times, interesting natural formations like the “Aulie” cave or the “Tesiktas” stone and, of course, Aksoran peak. And if you are lucky you may witness the sport of “Baige” or “Kokpar”, horseback contests that are still popular among Kazakh people.


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