Lake Alakol

The territory Alakol-Sasykolskoj systems of lakes was for a long time the earth of travel. Far back in the past this earth was a passage place караванных roads of the Great Silk way.
Today the tourist potential Alakol-Sasykolskoj systems of lakes is designated by variety of natural landscapes which are characterised by weak degree нарушенности and high degree of aesthetic appeal.
Variety of such natural landscapes, as vodno-marsh grounds, steppes, stony and saline deserts, files of blown sand, mountain ridges both intermountain hollows of Tarbagataja and Dzungarian Ala Tau, inundated woods in valleys of the rivers and separate objects of the lifeless nature. The given region represents a great interest for a balneal recreation that speaks presence here salty lakes, mineral and artesian cold and hot wells, a medical dirt.
Alakol (Motley lake) - one of the most unique lakes in Kazakhstan is located in the Republic Kazakhstan southeast, on border of Almaty and East Kazakhstan areas, in the lowest part of the Alakolsky hollow (340 m above sea level). The lake бессточное, the wrong pear-shaped form, is extended from the northwest on the southeast. Alakol – the present sea in steppe, its length of 104 km., width of 52 km.
The lake eats waters of the rivers running into it (15 water currents run into Alakol, including the rivers Urdzhar, Katynsu, Emel, Yrgajty), also here flow down waters from lakes Sasykkol and Koshkarkol.
Lake coast are rather various and represent a great interest for water walks.

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