Spassky Memorial

Виртуальный тур

Spassky Memorial:After the Second World War Stalin’s Prison Camps were completely filled with foreign captives of war (Japanese, Romanian, German, Hungarian, Moldavian, Lithuanian and many others). Captives of war were, mainly, kept in Spassky Prison Camp in Peschany (45 kms to the south of Karaganda city) and it became Karlag’s “Brotherly (Common) Grave”. At present, not far from Spassk, there are memorials where different countries whose citizens were captives of Karaganda Prison Camps installed memorial signs. Among the countries who paid tribute to the memory of its compatriots – Hungary, Japan, Italy, Russia, Germany, Poland, Rumania, France, Finland, Lithuania, the Philippines, Ukraine and other countries. Here is also a monument made in the shape of Shanyrak (shan-RAK) , a sign of memory to all victims of political repression laid in the Kazakhstan land, established by Karaganda people.


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