Karlag (Karaganda Prison Camp)

Виртуальный тур

Karlag was one of thousand prison camps called GULAG (or Main Department of Prison Camps. Organized during the time of mass political repressions in the Soviet Union in 1930's, the Administrative center of Karlag was located in Dolinka Village (50 km to south-west of today’s Karaganda city).

Among the places of interest are:

-A large, two-story building of the former Karlag’s Department (Headquarter) where now there is a museum dedicated to memory of victims of political repression, - an imposing building with columns executed in the spirit of Soviet Neoclassicism

-The House of Officers, which was formerly a cultural center for military men

-The engineering center where the Exhibitions of National Economy Achievements were carried out

-The maternity hospital building and praying house, as well as numerous ruins of adobe constructions were once upbuilt by the prisoners themselves.

All of these constitute the main list of rather gloomy sights.


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