Regional History Museum

The museum has rooms archeology, ethnography, local history XII-XX centuries, modern history, cultural history and literature, "Mystery of the century", "Accord centuries. Its exhibits comprise units. They are constantly replenished, is their scientific treatment.
An important contribution to the expansion of the museum funds made Akim of Astana I.Tasmagambetov. He gave the museum tent with all the attributes of the Kazakh national life, two unique whip made at the beginning of the century, a gold coin with an inscription in Arabic "Ollax Muhamad Elshisi, brought from Egypt, as well as samples of pistols, which were armed with Mameluke warriors XII-XVIII century.
The most ancient and valuable exhibit of the museum is a jug found in 1909 in the village Saraichik in the ground at a depth of three meters. The uniqueness of the exhibit - in what remains of the inscription on it, middleeast in Turkish. It is - a piece of poetry from the thirteenth century poem Zhusup Balasaguni.
Also among the valuable exhibits of the museum - "The Golden Man", found in archaeological excavations in 1999 in Zhylyoi area, mound Araltobe. Excavations led the famous archaeologist, scientist, candidate of historical sciences Z. Samash. Dumping refers to the Sarmatian period, II Century BC.
A most interesting part of the collection - a traditional jewelry Kazakhs eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, silver, gold plated, natural and semi-precious stones, colored inserts.
The museum store handicrafts. Among them - a copy of the camisole Fatima Khanum, wife Zhangir Khan, as well as printing khans and brave men and other archaeological exhibits.
Currently, Atyrau Regional History Museum - a hotbed of promoting a culture of the peoples living in and living in Kazakhstan. It constantly held scientific-practical conferences, meetings, ethnographic and thematic exhibitions, commemorative events, open classes.
Atyrau oblast museum of regional history plays a big role in society, it performs an educational and cognitive function. In the modern world educated person is characterized by breadth of knowledge, depth of comprehension of world culture, its heritage, not just the knowledge information technology, the challenges of globalization. Atyrau Museum Exhibits promote mainstream consciousness, expand areas of knowledge are one of the institutions of social consciousness. Especially increased role of the museum during the statehood of Kazakhstan, which is known, is characterized by its search for ethnic affiliation to a particular chain of civilization, its origins, knowledge of their identity, an intense statement place in history.


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