Along gorge, on a stony channel, incorporating vivifying force of mountain springs, the small river Burguljuk runs. Its cleanest ice cold water feeds violent greens of gorge, аэроионизирует air, bears a cool. A plentiful green cover of mountains, thickets of a hawthorn, a barberry, a dogrose, apricots, apple-trees, an abundance of coniferous breeds in local park sate air фитонцидами which operate бактериостатически; As a whole local air has stimulating an effect on respiratory organs, the cardiovascular system, toning up action on центральнуюнервную system, promotes elimination of painful sensations; Burguljuk Set of such factors, as an arrangement in mountain district, a considerable quantity of days of solar light, the moderate humidity, the raised aeroionization of air Here there are Jablonevyj, apricot gardens, a nut grove, set of coniferous and is decorative-deciduous breeds: a fur-tree tjan-shanskaja, a pine, chestnuts, plane trees, oaks, a dogrose, a barberry, etc.;

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