One of beautyfull gorges of our corner of the world - to Sauries-sous. There at height of 2350 m the lake of a glacial origin is located. Its hollow has the guitar form. Water in this bottom lake of turquoise colour, very cold also replenishes from powerful underground springs. It is interesting that colour of lake is accurately differentiated on transparent-blue and turquoise. And, in any weather these colours are accurately traced. About it there is a legend. In ancient times highly in mountains there lived people. And, as usual, the daughter of the head of this tribe from infancy was просватана for the rich khan. The daughter of mountains and steppes fine and free, proud and resolute has grown. Has come she pora-has fallen in love with the young man-shepherd from some kind of. Have decided young to ask blessings from parents. But the father of the girl was angry. He demanded from it to fulfil the duty and to become the wife of the rich khan. - Not to happen to it! - the proud girl has solved. And at late night, together with the beloved they have run away away from a native aul. Their old grandmother has blest and has given a turquoise ring and a bracelet-snake in a gift to the bride. Has punished to take advantage of a gift only in case of the most extreme need. Have far escaped for a night enamoured, but the angered father overtakes the rebellious daughter. Has thrown then the girl оземь a turquoise ring and the lake with water of a surprising malachite shade was formed on this place. The pursuit was late. But the voice of the angered father has loudly sounded in mountain gorge: - I Damn! Heavy groan was distributed around, both the earth has begun to tremble, and stones from mountain tops fell down, blocking a way to fugitives. With the last bit of strength, forcing down in hand and foot blood, they clambered on stones. But the pursuit all is closer and closer. Then have stopped enamoured, have embraced strong-strong and have sworn to leave never each other. The girl has removed from a hand a bracelet and has thrown it ahead of itself. Also there was on this place a new lake in the form of the eight symbolising infinity. For, the love is infinite, but the parental power over children and force of the given word is so infinite. And here many years waters of turquoise colour (girl) and transparent-blue (young man) are merged together. And as on a drop you will not pour lake on two half so souls enamoured, given rise to this lake are eternally uniform.

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