Altyn Adam

“Altyn Adam” (Golded person) - one of the main national symbols. It was found in 70-s years of XX age in the Esik village of Enbekshikazak region.
The saks burial mound was back excavated in fringe of Esik 30 years ago, well known all over the world today. Under it, in the grave, on wooden floor lied the remains of the saks warrior in cloth, completely coated by the golden plates (the Golden person). His head crowned by high pointed hat, decorated by scenes of winged horses, symbolizing the solar god. The long sword and short dagger formed the buried arms. In a grave containers with kumiss, wooden trays with piece of meat, precious containers from silver and bronze stowed in a grave together with warrior.
This funeral situated on the south fringe of the big burial ground, consisting of more than 40 burial mounds and concealing much riddles of history. On determination of anthropologist, the age of man in the burial mound of Issyk is about 17-18 years old and he lived in the end of IV age.


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