Huge mounds, cemeteries, mausoleums Begazy-Dandybay culture, rock paintings, petroglyphs, mining, metallurgical furnace in which the melted copper, tin, silver, gold and other ancient monuments are found and studied by scientists indicate that Ulytau since ancient times was the center of Saryarki and throughout the steppes. Ulytau is a national shrine of the Kazakh people, imbibed the millennial spirit of our ancestors, covered with legends, sung by poets, many centuries bewitch people.
The greatness of these ancient mountains lies in the significance of events of national history of Kazakhstan. Ulytau was a favorite place of the khans of nomadic tribes. Here was stationed rate Zhoshy Khan Сhenghis Khan's eldest son, from this started his conquests to the east Batu Khan.
In Ulytau erected mausoleums Zhoshy Khan and Alasha Khan. Here is buried Khan of Golden Horde Tokhtamysh, great Horde leader Amir Edyge.
On the stone slab Ulytau mountains Altynshoky left the memory of his time in the spring of 1391 the great Tamerlane.
Ulytau region of the Karaganda region has become a mecca for foreign tourists who are interested in the history of culture and geography of settlement of the East and Eurasia.
The monuments, which keeps Ulytau go back to the Paleolithic and Neolithic. The district has about 636 sites, 282 of which are listed in the historical and cultural map of the fund's "Ulytau.
On the territory of Ulytau the botanical and geographical research revealed 617 species, 90 species are medicinal.

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Улытау - үш жүздің басын косқан,ел кіндігі,Қазақстанның жүрегі.
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Tolg, вот подходящий тур к Улытау http://visitkazakhstan.kz/ru/guide/tours/view/182/ Я думаю, что также можно организовать индивидуальный тур. Если Вас заинтересует, обратитесь к менеджеру портала.
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Улытау это на самом деле колыбель казахского народа, эта местность наполнена не только красотой природы, и духом степной казахской культуры. Не зря я в детстве постоянно любил проводить свои каникулы в Улытау!!!