National Natural Ile-Alatau

The state national natural park "Silt-Ala Tau" National park is located within absolute heights from 600 to 5000 m above sea level. A basis of the nature of park are the picturesque woods combined from a fur-tree of Shrenka and accompanying small-leaved kinds of an apple-tree of Siversa, a hawthorn, wild dried apricots, tjan-shanskoj a mountain ash and other wood and shrubby breeds. Silt-Alatausky the state national natural park is created by the Governmental order of Republic Kazakhstan from February, 22nd, 1996. The park is located on northern slopes of Zailijsky Ala Tau in immediate proximity from southern capital Almaty. Its extent from the river Chemolgan in the west and to the river Turgen in the east makes 120 km, and in a diameter reaches 30 km. The area of park of 202 292 hectares: the Flora of national park develops of more than 1200 kinds of plants and, as a whole, on variety level reflects all Northern Tien Shan.

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