Vegetation world BSNNP

      On the data Gorchacowski P. flore Bayanauls SNNP totals 441 kinds maximum vessels of plants. By the employees of the Pavlodar state university by him. S.Тоraygyrov, spent with for 2008 scientific researches on a theme: "Ecological researches on maintenance of steady development BSNNP" within the framework of the program "Scientific researches in the field of protection of an environment" the Ministries of protection of an environment KR, on the data 475 kinds are established, total makes on inventory materials BSNNP 485 kinds concerning 4 departments, 6 classes, 72 families and 260 sorts. With the account of sites the list will increase up to 500 kinds, the data are given on spent works ТОО Ecology Buseness Consulting-2007 Here there is a third part flore Kazakh Most plentiful are the plants from kinds complex grasss (Asteraceae), Cereals (Роасеае), Rosaceae, Leguminous (РаЬасеае), Eamiaceae and Caryophyllaсеае.
      Except for vessels of plants in pine woods BSNNP there is whole complex of glues, which are poorly investigated. The glues play the important essential role in addition of vegetative communities. In national park of special biological researches was not carried out, the items of information on flore of glues are taken from the book "Wood oases Kazakh low mountains" the author P.Gorchacowsky 1987 yahre. The glues make 19 families, 32 kinds. For large reservoirs which are taking place in territory of park (of lake Sabyndykol, Dgasybay, Toraygyr, Birgankol) the weak development of maximum water vegetation, significant areas of a pure water surface and poverty of structure is characteristic. As a result of the carried out work by the employees PSU by him. S.Тоraygyrov in reservoirs BSNPP 11 kinds of seaweed were revealed.
      Flore Bayanaul of mountains is combined, basically by northern, by plants. To kinds concern a pine ordinary (pinus sylvestris), wood (Eguisetum silvaticum), river, and number others.
     In territory Bayanaul of a file the steppe sites are dated for slopes of mountains and foothill of a part, however they meet and on higher sites forming combinations with pine.
     On a share of a wood belt(zone) Bayanaul it is necessary about 40 % and are submitted pine, alder, birch, aspen and willow. Basic wood forming by breed the pine ordinary (Pinus sylvestris L.) is. Which borrows(occupies) 75 % from the general area of the grounds, covered with a wood. Other area of the grounds, covered with a wood, is necessary basically on a birch (Betula verrucosa) and 15,7 % an aspen (Populus tremula L) 3 %, alder black (Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaerth) 2,3 %. On all wood breeds it is necessary 98 % of the grounds, covered with a wood, and 2 % are necessary on bushes. Spiraea crenata L., S. hypericifolia L., dogrose, Rosa acicularis Lindl, Juniperus sabina L.
     As show our researches, majority of kinds growing in territory Bayanaul of park, 434 kinds concern to grasss -, that makes 89,5 % from general(common) number of kinds.
     25 kinds (5,1 %) concern to the vital form of bushes.

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