Hydrology BSNNP

     The hydrographic network is presented by lakes and the numerous small rivers which are flowing down from northeast, northwest and east slopes of Bajansky mountains, from mountains Akbet - in the north, Akkaragaj, Ogelen, Chibet - in the west, Nijaz – in the south. Small rivers have a snow and underground food, a spring rough high water. Within a mountain part of a reservoir are allocated crack waters in the form of springs, streams forming sources and supporting constant slope a drain in upper courses of small water currents. In territory of Bayanaul national park 9 lakes are. Six lakes the area of a mirror of a water table less than 1 км2 and only has three lakes (Sabyndykol, Zhasybaj, Torajgyr) from 1 to 7,4 км2, the general total water area of all lakes nearby 15,3 км2 and makes about 3 % of the area of territory of national park. Small lakes are distributed in lower reaches of time water currents and along coast of lakes. For Bayanaul group of lakes picturesque coast with freakish slopes are characteristic. The water drain in lakes is favoured by considerable heights of associates of lake of the spaces receiving more of deposits, water quickly flows down on slopes of heights in lakes, and also, filtering on cracks deep into crystal breeds, arrives in lakes in the form of a steady underground drain. Therefore flowing rather deep lakes of territory do not dry up.
     The lake Sabyndykol is located at with. Bayanaul, in a crack of dividing top of mountains Akbet and Nijaz. The reservoir area: the general 95,9 км2, the area of a mirror of a water table - 7,4 км2. The lake pool is located in Bajanaulsky mountains, absolute marks of a watershed fluctuate within 50-1022 m. a reservoir Bowl the hollow developed on широтному serves a tectonic break. The wood vegetation occupies 75 % of the water modular area, about 4-5 % is boggy. The lake in the plan has the wrong pear-shaped form and the twistingest a coastal line. The water table in its western extremity and in a mouth of time water currents of northwest coast has grown with a reed (width 10-200). Southern and southeast coast, height 5-10 m and in separate places merge with large rocky slopes of mountains, east coast in height to 4-5 m, sandy and moderately abrupt, northern has height of 5-7 m, abrupt and stony. The maximum amplitude of fluctuation of a water level is equal about 2,7 m, annual – in averages on water years makes 0,6 m. the Maximum depth of lake of 9-9,5 m, prevailing–6 m. Water of lake the fresh. Structure of waters hidrocarbonate sodium. The Water temperature from 2,8 to 19,3 With.
     The lake Torajgyr is located at feet of northern slope of Bayanaul mountains. The reservoir total area is equal 12,9 sq.km. and the area of a mirror of a water table–1,9 sq.km. the Reservoir accurately shares on mountain a part: the first settles down in the south (in territory of Bayanaul natural park), the second in the north (behind side-altars of territory of park). In a mountain water separate part absolute marks reach 800-1027м. (Mountains. Acbet-1027м). The mountain, most active part of a reservoir is dismembered by a network, deep valleys and meadows with the abrupt, mainly rocky slopes covered with rarefied mixed woods, and at feet bush thickets. Northern melkosopoch the pool part is poorly dismembered by superficial broad gulls with depth to 15-50м. Wood and bushes occupy 35 %. As a reservoir bowl serves deep at slope the hollow of a tectonic origin filled with water. The lake in the plan looks like the wrong quadrangle extended from the West on the east. The lake water table is free from vegetation. In a southwest part of lake is available two rocky islands in the size 80х250 and 30х80м. Southern both northern coast abrupt and high, are combined by crystal breeds; east and western flat coast (height to 4м) are combined by coarse-grained sand with the big maintenance of rubble and blocks. The entrance to lake is possible only from outside east and western coast. A bottom flat, firm peschano-gravelistoe, with a weak bias to its centre. The maximum depth 11м, prevailing - 6м. Lake water soltier, structure gidrokarbonatno-hloridnyj sodium.
     The lake Birzhankol is located in 24 km. To СЗ from settlement Bayanaul, to the north of natural boundary Zhamanaula. The reservoir area: the general 4,6кв.км. Without the average area of lake – 3,9 sq.km. Lake without waste. With СЗ. The broad gull in length approaches to it of 10 km. Having in mouth parts width of 5-10 m. a lake Food is carried out by superficial and underground waters. The lake bowl has the roundish form and is located in northern part of a reservoir. The lake on 25 % has grown. The reservoir is characterised by a hilly relief; the relative height of hills reaches 50 – 300 m. As approaching lake height of hills considerably decrease also slopes become more flat. The pool is located in the intermountain fall, extended in ЮВ a direction and is surrounded by slopes of hills and mountains Ajyrtas, Kazkongan, Kojtas, the highest tops which reach from 478,1 – 635,9 to 745,5 m. Southern and the north – western slopes abrupt, are combined cranit, western and east – flat, executed by coarse-grained sand. The entrance to lake is possible from different directions. A bottom flat with weak bias to the centre. The maximum depth 4,5 – 5,0 m, prevailing – 4 m. lake Water fresh.
     The lake Sarykamys without drain, is located in 11,5 km to the West from lake Zhasybaj (in the centre of Bayanaul mountains) in the basis of a northwest slope of Bayanaul mountains. It is dated for fall on contact of a granite Bayanaul file. Length of lake of an order 500м, width from 100 to 250м. Coast flat, loamy with inclusion dresve and a small pebble. Coast have partially grown with a cane. In the lake grassy vegetation poor. Depth of lake no more 1,5м. The general mineralization of water of 1.1g/l. Structure hydrocarbonate magnievo - calcium-natrievyj рН=7.3. The lake Sarykamys and some lakes small without the name, located to the West, are dated for a break wide directions. To the south from lakes Bayanaul mountains to the north a reservoir are located is characterised hilly melkosopochnic. The height of hills within a reservoir reaches to 50м. As approaching lakes the height of hills decreases and reaches 2,5м and less.
     The lake Kumdykol is located in 5 km to the northwest from village Birzhankol (it is located in the basis of a northwest part of Bayanaul mountains). Length of lake about 500 m, width from 100-150 m to 400 m. the Lake is dated to mezhsopochnic to fall. The reservoir is characterised by a hilly relief. The height of hills to the northwest reaches 70 m. However as approaching lake height of hills considerably decreases. The steepness of slopes of hills to the south and the southeast from lake reaches 30-35 degrees. To the north and the northwest from lake slopes of hills more flat (15-20 degrees). On lake coast are extended sandy-argillaceous grounds with gravel. The lake hollow has the pear-shaped form. Depth of lake to 1,5 m. To the north from Bayanaul mountains within territory of national park is available some more lakes. However they small and during the summer period completely dry up. Ice on lakes it is established in the end of October, is more rare in second half of November. Lakes are opened in the end of March, the beginning of April and are completely cleared of ice in the end of April – the beginning of May. By the end of winter the thickness of ice on beach sites reaches 0,9-1,1 m, in thickets of 0,6-0,7 m; the height of a snow cover on ice on the average is accordingly equal 5 and 25 vertical stratification of a water temperature the insignificant see Because of small depth. The water temperature ледостава is closer to the beginning to 0. After formation of an ice cover, water starts to heat up from the bottom which has kept still a quantity of heat, reserved in the summer. After staying snow there is a heating of the top sheets of water under ice in a consequence of partial penetration of solar radiation through ice. As a result of winter and spring last heating the average temperature during clarification from ice reaches in their spring 1,5-3,5 S.Posle clarifications from ice a water temperature of lakes is equal 11-15 With. In July - August it reaches 15-23 With.
     In territory of national park sources more than 20 streams and time water currents are. The most considerable are: Shetespe, Kindy, Teleubulak (Maldybulak), the Fish key, the anonymous streams arising to the west of the lake of Zhasybaj and on east slope of Bayanaul mountains (to the north of the river Shetespe).
     The small river Shetespe (Espe) forms a drain on a southeast slope of Bayanaul mountains, in natural boundary the Malayan at the expense of underground waters of springs wedging in the form of two descending concentrated exit, runs into salty, drying up lake Kombobsor. Length of the river of 33 km, the reservoir area 227кв.м. The general falling of the river 181кв.м. An average bias of 5,5 %.
     The basic inflows: without names (the right coast of 27 km, length of 4 km); without names (the right coast of 21 km, length of 6,5 km). Total length of water currents in pool of 62,2 km, density of a river network of 0,28 km/km2. The river valley in headwaters to 25 km from a mouth is accurately expressed (width of 0,3-0,5 km) and has moderately abrupt slopes in height of 10-20 km. In the bottom current the river proceeds on very wide valley with the flat bottom, 3-5 km reaching at width. Gentle slopes are combined by loams, sandy loams. Catching from a source to 25 km. From a mouth it is expressed poorly, more low on a current the width increases from 0,5 to 0,8 km and has mainly equal surface. Catching for all width it is flooded incidentally and only 3-4 m and depth erosive cutting do not exceed 0,5-1 m. the Channel is combined sandy - gravelist by adjournment. In the summer the small river on all extent dries up and only in a feather profound sites the separate separated reaches remain. Within territory BGNPP on all extent the drain gradually decreasing in mezhen remains.
     The small river anonymous (to the north of the river Shetespe) originates in jugo - east part of Bajanaulsky mountains. The Length of the river of 6 km, the area of a reservoir of 14,9 sq.km. From sources water small rivers is formed at the expense of spring waters in territory BGNPP at height of 600 m. has essentially increased.
Average bias of 1,3 %. Density of a river network the Difference of marks in pool reaches of 0,53 km/sq.km. 200м. The basic of a drain a forming part is located in a mountain part where the erosive channel renders influence on underground waters, as provides a drain in upper courses of a stream in the summer.
     Stream of Teleubulak (it is located in a security zone and is carried in the list of especially valuable hydro-geological objects by Decision RK. №657от 2005) forms a drain on the north - east slope of Bayanaul mountains and it is lost in a saline valley. Length of a stream of 7 km, the area of a reservoir of 6 sq.km. the General falling of a stream of 125 sq.km. the Average bias of 17,9 %. Erosive cutting renders dren influence on underground waters, as provides a drain of the top and average current all year long. Depth вреза more than 400 mm. The stream valley in the bottom current extends to 1,5 km and has gentle slopes. The width catching increases to 0,1 km. On the average a current. A channel in width of 5-8 m in headwaters to 20-25 m on the average.
     Small river Kindy – inflow of Ashchisu. The source is formed from merge of five springs originating on the western and northwest slopes of Bayanaul mountains. Its right-bank inflow most abounding in water forms a drain at the expense of merge of two anonymous streams arising on east slope of a ridge of Akkaragaj and on a southwest slope of a ridge of Zhambak. The length of small river of 46 km, the area of a reservoir of 365 sq.km. the General falling of the river of 250 m, an average bias of 5,4 % and at sources increases to 6-7 %. Total length of the rivers in pool of 70 km. Density of a river network of 0,19 km/sq.km. Width of a valley changes from 60 m and at sources to 0,6-3 km in a mouth. The channel on all extent moderately twisting, width of 4-6 m, in a mouth is poorly expressed. In the summer the small river dries up, on the average and the bottom current the separated reaches remain, in an upper course during the aestivo-autumnal period the constant drain decreasing in mezhen is observed.
     The stream the Fish Key is the basic waterway of lake Sabyndykol. The stream pool makes about 60 % of a reservoir of the lake of Sabyndykol. Total length of a stream with inflows 31,3км, the area of a reservoir of 65,3 sq.km. the General falling 137м, an average bias of 11,4 %. The stream the Fish Key originates in mountains Zhalanbas two anonymous components. Total length of drains in pool 40,9км, density of a river network of 0,63km/sq.km. Within a reservoir, especially in its mountain part there are exits crack waters in the form of the concentrated and absent-minded exits of springs, support a drain in upper courses of inflows to summertime. At crossing of a flat part of a reservoir the stream loses a drain owing to losses on a filtration and does not inform the waters of the lake of Sabyndykol. The valley in upper courses is accurately expressed, abrupt slopes (20-26гр.) relative height to 100-200 m. also merge with slopes of mountains. Width of a valley of 50-80 m. in sources, 200-300 m. in a mouth. The right northern slope more abrupt (30гр.) Than left (12-15гр.). Cathching in headwaters it is traced by faltering strips (width to 8-15м). In a mouth the width catching reaches 100-150м. On all extent the narrow channel in width to 2-2,5м is traced. Duration of a high water of 10-28 days. The amplitude of fluctuation of level in upper courses makes 0,4-0,8м, on the average a current 0б3-0,5м and in приустьевых sites 0,2-0,3м. Duration of a high water of 5-10 days. The drain on the average remains to the middle of June. The expense in 13км. From a source changes depending on water year. Water of a stream the fresh. Structure hydrocarbonate calcium.

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