The House of Friendship

     In the autumn of 2008 in Pavlodar the House of friendship has opened, of which for a long time dreamed all cultural of formation of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan of the Pavlodar area. The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev has taken part in his opening. «Friendship for us - not the empty word, - was told by it that day - we live in the multinational country. Only representatives more than hundred nationalities live at the Pavlodar area. In our country of school the theatres - in six languages work in many languages, MMI - on eleven. At us 4500 national-cultural centres. And it all, being united, creates a generality, which in the Constitution refers to as as the people of Kazakhstan»
    "Ahead - interesting life..." Of Such House of friendship, as at us, is primary and constructed as Centre of friendship, instead of something other, and intended only for work in it the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan, - is not present in one city of the country more. Per day of opening N.A. Nazarbaev has met the chiefs cultural of associations in a conference hall. Today here are located Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan of the Pavlodar area with premises all of nineteen centres and youth wing of assembly, school of national revival, public association"? «Kazakh language», regional centre of training to the state language "Native language". The work of all these structures is interconnected. Each of them, only perfectly supplements each other: The school of national revival, for example, incurs function of education of love to sources of native culture in children, and youth develops the received knowledge, brings up in itself leader and somewhere even pedagogical qualities, while old people cultural of associations by a word and business help them in all.
     The first floor ours center completely administrative. Here are magilis-hall on 120 places and concert hall on 300 places. Besides in the House of friendship there are two computer classes, cafe on 80 places and rehearsal a hall. There is work above organization of library of the national literature and museum, in which the materials about each of twenty cultural of formations of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan of the Pavlodar area will be submitted.
     Each national centre has study. The own office is and at youth wing of assembly - 18 youth associations conduct active public work, act on various festivals and competitions, participate in interesting debate of sessions of debatable club "Patriote" on the themes, closest to them, which and offer to discussion. Besides, in the House of friendship work regional public association "Kazakh language", school of national revival, in which are trained about 600 children.
     Creatively approaching to planning the work, the experts of these departments also will be now coordinating part of a House of friendship - his brain. So ahead - life, very interesting and sated with bright events, in one general house - in the House of friendship.
     We in the answer for the future. With opening of a House of friendship in life of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan of the Pavlodar area, in the creative plans cultural of formations has appeared a lot of new: the fresh projects, forms of work of collectives both simply interesting ideas and ideas. About what became for national center this and as it is entered in their foreseeable future, the chiefs cultural of formations told. After astana the people Center of the world and consent the House of friendship of the Pavlodar area largest in the country. The day of opening remain in memory of children, youth, active of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan of area.
     Now in the House of friendship together, a number with each other, is all twenty cultural of formations and branch of school of national revival. It is symbolical, that all of us have appeared under one roof. So it is very convenient to work and fruitfully to be engaged in propagation of the cultural values. After moving in the House of friendship cultural the centres is more active than steel to cooperate with management on development of languages. In many respects Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan of the Pavlodar area after opening a house on the order became higher, has grown е ё the status. All conditions here are created that everyone and everyone cultural the formation could be realized by the opportunities in the field of culture, language, customs and traditions.


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