Alakol Lake

 This lake is the second-largest inland bodies of Kazakhstan and the only deep-lake among the lakes in the republic. More than 15 tributaries flow into the lake, the main of them: Urzhar, Katynsu, Emelkuysa, Yrgayty, Zhamanty, Zhamanotkol, Tasty. The lake together with the lakes Sasikol, Uyaly, Zhalanashkol and other smaller lakes form Alakol lake system. Lake area (including islands), 2,696 km2, the water volume 58.56 cu. km length of 104 km, width 52 km, average depth of 22 m, maximum depth of 54 m, the length of the coastline of 348 km.
It is known many years ago famous Silk Road passed by water "bowls" entitled Alakol. In those days already the caravan participants who were unable to abandon after a tiring journey wanted freshening waters of the lake, they noticed: salty waves miraculously restore strength and improve health.
Modern medical research confirms the healing qualities of the lake water.
Net steppe air, salt water, hot volcanic pebbles, with a high content of silicon - a unique combination of gifts of Nature provides a powerful restorative and preventive effect on skin problems, joint pain, women's and men's issues, at a reduced immunity of children and adults.
The water is very warm in summer (average summer temperature is 26 degrees). Mineralization of water in waters ranging from 1.2 to 11.6 g / liter. Sodium chloride and chloride-sulphate-sodium composite the water. There is a high content of fluorine and bromine in the waters of Alakol Lake.
A distinctive feature of the lake - its north-eastern part of the harbor -underground salt springs, has therapeutic water, while the southern part of the water is fresh.
The most unique wealth of Alakol lake is a mud used to treat various diseases of the joints, radiculitis, skin ailments, recovering from injuries. On its composition it is close to the sea and has medicinal properties. Sodium chloride salts contained in water have wonderful restorative effect, thalassotherapy (healing by taking sea baths) has been used successfully to treat various diseases of the peripheral nervous system. There is an Aarchipelago of three islands is in the central part of the lake, in 1998 Alakol State Reserve was created, which has unique diverse flora and fauna. More than hundred thousand people rest on the shores of the lake every year.
There are more than 60 rest houses and recreation centers operate on the shores of Alakol lake currently, they are: “Aigerim”, “Dorozhnik”, “Alakol”, “Asem”, sanatorium"Barlyk Arasan" and etc.



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