Baikonur City

Виртуальный тур

In order to camouflage and disorient the enemy at this Baikonur cosmodrome was built wooden one. Today's Baikonur - is on the bend of the river Syrdarya about half way between Kazalinsk and Dzhusaly - two district centers of Kyzylorda region, near the railway siding Tyura-Tam. In the portrait of Baikonur it is impossible not to mention the city of Baikonur, which occupies a special place in the whole infrastructure of the Baikonur. It is located in the bend of the river Syrdarya and occupies an area of approximately 40 square kilometers. Syrdarya river is the natural boundary for the city from the west and south. The city is the administrative and economic center of the cosmodrome and has the status of the city of republican subordination. Leninsk, founded in May 5, 1955, began to evolve from the current western suburbs, now the so-called "wooden town". There were built, and still remain "wooden" one-storeyed houses that are exceptionally well suited to the desert climate. In the center of the city are the central square and government buildings of cosmodrome, computing and information processing centers, the hotel "Central" and the department store. A great place for the city was the Soldier's Park, located perpendicular to the main avenue. One of the first TV towers in Kazakhstan was built in the city in 1961.



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