Palace complex "Akyrtas" - the 8>h9h centuries.

At present the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography under the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan is carrying out archeological diggings in the area of the complex. In future it is planned to establish a museum complex in the framework of the National program "Cultural Heritage". The latest data of archeological research let us identify Akyrtas as a medieval town Kasribas on the Great Silk Road.. Most specialists believe that Akyrtas was built by order of the Arabic general Kuteiba. The tourists are impressed by the grandiosity of the architectural monument and the size of the block stones used for its construction. The foundation of the Palace Complex is four meters deep. Numerous legends try to explain the purpose of the construction and the reasons for why it was not finished. By its size the complex can be compared with ancient Egyptian pyramids. Apparently, frequent raids and internal wars left Akyrtas unfinished and put anend to the former might of the City of Taraz.

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01.12.2010, 14:14
That's a horrible picture that doesn't do this site justice. Overall, a pretty cool place to visit. Local legend also says there is a lot of energy there, so it's a good place to meditate.