Akmolinsk regional historical museum

The museum was founded in 1920 and settles down in a building constructed in 1904 being a history and architecture monument. There are 71 195 funds in the museum. Among them one can find monuments of the material and spiritual culture reflecting ancient and modern history of the area, ethnography and a life of the people occupying territory of Akmolinsk area, natural-scientific collections, a photodocumentary material. There is conducted the active work on collecting exhibits and archaeological, toponymic, ethnographic expeditions. The museum exposition is a small encyclopaedia of the area since the most ancient times to the present have been presented there. The Akmolinsk regional historical museum offers conversations, lectures and mobile exhibitions on themes: - «Symbols of statehood in the history of Kazakhstan»; - «the City and years»; - «Arms and military science of nomads»; - «Time and money» (a collection of coins and the check from museum funds); - «Finds of an old court yard»; - "Shokan Ualikhanov"; - «Ethnography and a life of the people of the area»; - «Birds - our friends»; - «Life Occurrence on the Earth»; - the Cycle of conversations on paleontology of the area with display of films from a series of the Air Forces. At the moment the museum is being reconstructed

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