Agybai batyr

AGYBAY BATYR, Shubyrtpaly Agybay (1802-85 years.) Commander, one of the leaders of the revolt led Kenesary Kasymova. Due to the luck of the march was dubbed "Akzholtay Batyr. The soldiers, along with the name Abylov name Agibaya turned into a battle cry. In 1824 Agybay batyr participated in the uprising against the colonial policy of Russia in Karkaralinsk region. Between 1826-49 he was. attacked the fortifications - Karkaraly, Aktau, Akmola. He showed particular bravery in battle against the Kyrgyz manap Orman. Tombstone Agybay batyr erected at the burial site, in the area Tayatkan-Shunak where contact Saryarka and Dala. The life and exploits Agybay knight as chief commander Kenesary become a leitmotif Random. Kazakh historians and writers. In the late 19 century. has published an epic poem "Agybay Batyr. Agybay batyr protagonist epic "Nauryzbay-Kanshayym" Nysanbay zhyrau, the novel "Khan Kene" I. Esenberlin. In 1992, Ayyrtau-Sopiev in the national scale, has passed a great celebration, associated with the 190 th anniversary of the birth knight. The public area in 2002 is widely noted 200 years of knight, in Balkhash him a monument (2007).

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