Mosque Kunanbaya Uskenbaeva

The mosque in the city was built Karkaralinsk father Great Abaya - Kunanbayev Uskenbaevym standing from 1849-1853gg., Headed by the socio-administrative life Karkaralinsk and neighboring tribes. This fact was well known Mukhtar Auezov who wrote: "In the city Karkaralinsk throughout the district Abay and his father and other people are often heard about the mosque. He knew that her building Kunanbayev won universal respect and glory. The first and only mosque in the town Karkaralinsk and throughout the district for the construction was started with funds Kunanbaya last year. According to reports Abay repeatedly visited a mosque, a building where there are about 150 years. In a highly modified form it has survived to our days, and every resident Karkaralinsk honors the memory of this symbol to visit the hometown of the great Abaem. Architect unknown.

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