Mausoleum Zhidebay

The author, a builder, the history of creation is unknown.

The study included a group of architects institute "Kazproektrestavratsiya", under the leadership Itenova A.

Mausoleum Zhidebaya is 50m from the river Nura (left bank) dome, built of adobe brick with clay mortar with the size of bricks - 32h21h7sm. The thickness of the wall-82sm.

Low input aperture, oriented to the south, has a jumper from the trunks of crowfoot. Next to the mausoleum, at a distance of 50cm, in the western part is kulpytas of granite stones with dimensions - 40 x 9cm., Height - 1,50 m. with a carved inscription: "Leather-Nazar 1575-1645 uly DOS batyr немересі. Leather-Nazar uly Zhizhebay batyr ескерткіш Ornata - Шауранғыс Eultangurov Zhomartbek.

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