Mausoleum Agybay

The square-shaped dome-centric structure, blocked sferokonicheskim dome. The transition from quadrangular to octagon and then to the circle of the dome carried masonry overlap with dual corner columns as structural elements. Columns completed towers. The entrance doorway is blocked by a rectangular rod made of wooden beams, wooden threshold. Before entering a "aivan" covered with planks, reeds and covered with soil. The interior plaster.

The facility was built of adobe bricks with clay mortar, the size of bricks 30h15h5sm. Dimensions in terms of the outer perimeter are 9,80 x10, 15m, height 8m. The height of the cube building 3,10 m, 1,30 m corner towers The entrance aperture 1,45 x0, 70m. Size in terms of 6,85 x6, 85m (indoor) "Ivan" in terms of 2,70 x4, 00m, its height is 2,70 m. The thickness of the walls "aivan" 1m.

The mausoleum is located on the restoration (passed the first stage of work in 2005.).

The largest structure made of adobe bricks in Kazakhstan.

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