Shymbulak Ski Resort

Shymbulak Ski Resort is located in a picturesque clove of Ile Alatau at the height of 2510 meters. It is famous for its mild climate with the majority of sunny days, persistent snow coverage and the magnificent surrounding views. Shymbulak is covered by snow from December to April. Even those, who got up on ski for the first time, can feel confident here. Slopes and trails are for any taste and for any level of skill, including routes of speedy slope and slalom, there are also convenient lifts, ski school, hotel, restaurant, bowling alley and sauna. Also near by is a children’s playground with the baby-lift for the smallest ones.

Shymbulak has its own spirit. It is preferred by skiers, who like smoothed routes and snowboarders, preferring extreme lowering with jumps which grasp the spirit.

In sunny days Shymbulak gathers thousands of holidaymakers. On the chair lift you can get on Talgar Pass (3163 meters above the sea level). Only professional skiers ski here, because the cross slope is too steep. Alpinists start climbing from the pass to the tops. And there are only stars above it.

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