Saura Lake

Huddle swamp the old woman, content with expanses of water of a small lake and not intending to be friends with desert tortoises. All people are looking for in your life mate. Old-timers Mangistau know that the second half there and the lake Saura - lake-double, which is located five hundred meters from the gorge Saura. Leaving aside the small hill, lovers of new roads and impressions, can enjoy the second part of the broken cup. But that's not all surprises Mother Nature. Imagine, not far from the freshwater lake salty sea! The seashore was covered with silky sand. The bottom of the sea, sand, perfectly smooth. Surprisingly, there are many large shells, not yet crushed by the wheels of civilization and human feet. Silver under sun small lake, formed by tides. Small streams flow down in a lonely lake from various angles, filling his life.

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