Monument to the poet Toraigirove

          On streets Ak. Satpaeve on a background the monument to the poet Toraigirove was established. Toraigirove the Kazakh poet is democrat, native of Bayanaul of area. Having lived short life, he has left the bright trace in the Kazakh literature. The monument to the poet is made of bronze, supply from a red and black granite. The wall of an art museum being a background of a memorial, is filled with two subject relieves, which author is the young talented sculptor Murat Mansurove.He used themes from products Toraigirove. Height of each relief of 3 meters, width of 6 meters. The monument represents a bronze figure of the poet worth at a pine. Toraigirove is represented as the poet - lyric and romantic - qualities peculiar to youth. The elements tragedy supplements the decisions supply - combination of red and grey granite and two small architectural forms as pyramids. The pyramids symbolize that live the poet long enough life, he would reach greater heights in the Kazakh literature. The author of a sculpture the Deserved figure of arts Eshan Sergebaev. The memorial of Toraigirove became an ornament of city and monument of republican meaning. The monuments to a history and architecture are cultural property of the people, therefore they are under protection of the state.

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