Katon- Karagai National Nature Park

Katon-Karagay National Park territory is included in the Kazakhstan part of Altai-Sayan ecological region. It is the largest national park in Kazakhstan.

Rich diversity of flora and fauna, as well as preserved species, included in the Kazakhstan Red Book, is concentrated here. According to preliminary information there are over 1000 species of vascular plants in the park. 30 species are listed as endangered: they are Rhodiola rosea, rapontikum carthamoides, Altaic rhubarb, Altaic anthrax, and others.

Forests of the National Park occupy 34% of the Park’s territory and consist mainly of coniferous species, which include fir, cedar, larch, birch and aspen, a large variety of shrubs and dwarf shrubs.

Faunal composition represented by 363 species of vertebrates: bony fishes (6), amphibians (2), reptiles (6), birds (284), mammals (65). Altai snowcock, black storks, gray cranes, belladonna, a burial ground, osprey, saker falcon, peregrine falcon, hawk-nosed scoter, snow leopards, stone martens, trout are included in the Red Book.

According to the legal regime the territory of the Park is divided into the following zones and subzones: reserve area - 1 512.4 sq. km (23,5%); special area - 4 922.4 sq. km (76,5%); subzones: of recreational use, restricted economic activities, administrative and economic activities, services for visitors and tourists. The last two subzones are located in settlements outside the national park. The whole territory is divided into 30 sites to protect and restore natural systems.

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