To sauries-Ugamsky the State National park

1. To sauries-Ugamsky the State National park the Territory to Sauries-Ugamsky of the state national natural park occupies northeast position in system of Western Tjan-Shanja and is presented by hills of Ugam, Karzhantau and Boraldajtau, and also northwest spurs of Talassky Ala Tau. In park territory Sajramsu, Kaskasu, Burguljuk, to Buds, Mashat and Kokbulak proceeds the rivers Ugam. The park territory has 7 natural zones, beginning mountain steppe to high-mountainous where there are 1635 kinds of plants, 59 kinds of mammals and 300 kinds of birds. The specific structure of vegetation of park is unique. 240 kinds of the plants brought in the red book of Republic Kazakhstan Here grow. It is especially possible to underline that practically all It is red the book kinds concern the rare. Very much rare species – an ash-tree согдийский, wild grapes, a currant Janchevsky, Albert's iris – are presented only by several copies. The most remarkable feature of Western Tjan-Shanja also is distribution here many kinds of wild relatives of cultural plants - of an apple-tree, a pear, plum, grapes, a nut грецкого, an onions and a tulip. The park fauna is various also. Bears, wolves, wild boars, mountain goats, badgers and porcupines - usual inhabitants of park. Graceful karatau mountain goats stay on southern sites of the Boraldajsky ridge in the spring. Very seldom it is possible to see the most careful inhabitants of park - of a snow leopard and a Turkestani lynx. The vegetative cover, fauna, a various relief, the rivers, falls and mountain lakes create picturesque, unique landscape, possessing in huge recreational potential. In park territory it is possible to see cult constructions, petroglyphs, ancient settlements and burials of various historical epoch, but in the whole its cultural landscapes are still badly studied and wait for the researchers. Mountains of Western Tjan-Shanja is a unique world of the wild nature. High snow tops, where the peak Sajramsky (4236 meters over level the sea), turquoise high-mountainous lakes and among them a pearl of Ugama – lake Makpal (2100), the cleanest waters of the rivers and springs, the freakish form of a rock of Kyrykkyz – Forty girls, fantastic beauty a tulip of Grejga and many other things is allocated. Mountains are «green heart» huge territory where person lives more than one million. Mountain woods are regulated by a water drain, enrich air with oxygen and fitondsydas. They protect from rain and spring high waters, slow down thawing of snow, translates a superficial drain in intrasoil, interferes with formation of landslips and erosion of soils. Mountains provide the population of Shymkent and adjoining areas with water resources and first of all high-quality potable water. It is invaluable gift of the nature by which many inhabitants of steppe and deserted zones of Kazakhstan and hundred millions people on a planet are deprived, compelled to buy water. A biological variety of mountains is the most valuable riches which will provide development to the future generations and will allow to keep genetic fund of various kinds. To Sauries-Ugamsky the national natural park has been opened in 2006. Its area makes 150 thousand hectares. All territory of park is divided into three functional zones – reserved

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