Botanical Garden

Central Botanical Garden of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan was founded in 1932 in Almaty and occupies an area of 108 hectares at an altitude of about 900 meters ASL.
Address: Timiryazev st. 48, Almaty
Duration: 1 hour in winter, 2 hours in summer.
Length: up to 2 km.

Central Botanical Garden excursion department organizes interesting trips - excursions to the exposition of the garden, located according to the phyto-geographical principle (flora in Kazakhstan, Russia, the Crimea and the Caucasus, North America). Park and landscape principle is used In the placement of plants. The garden collection includes hundreds of varieties of roses, dozens of varieties of peonies, asters, tulips, lilacs, as well as various trees and other plants, including medicinal and fruit crops. 

During the walk you can admire the rose gardens, groves, conifer grove. The centerpiece of the program is exposure greenhouse, which includes several departments, which represented more than 1000 species of plants - palms, bananas, bamboos, cacti, tropical water and others.

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