The highest point in Almaty - Koktobe Mountain

 Kok-Tobe - is not only the charm of the mountains, but also fresh, clean air and a sense of freedom, it is also a place to meet friends, walk with loved ones, rest with the children and just a pleasant pastime.

Attractions in Koktobe Park:

TV Tower
350-meter tower rises at the foot of Kok-Tobe mountain. When measured from sea level, this tower is one of the highest towers in the world.

«The Beatles» Monument
The Beatles bench Monument was opened on May 15, 2007 at Kok-Tobe Mountain. This is the first and the only monument to the legendary Liverpool quartet in full: John Lennon with a guitar sitting on a bench andPaul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr standing behind him.

Alma Fountain of Wishes
Alma Fountain of Wishes "Alma" is the first that Kok-Tobe guests see there and is always crowded. Someone just enjoys its coolness, someone thoughtfully tossses a coin in its transparent depths, while others are photographed in memory against the backdrop of huge granite apple, a symbol of the sun city of Almaty.

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