The Central State Museum of Kazakhstan

The Central State Museum of Kazakhstan is one of the oldest and largest museums of Central Asia. It was established in 1831 in Orenburg at Nepljuevsky military school, under the initiative of the Orenburg governor, Count Suhtelev. Its further destiny has been connected with V.I.Dalja's name, the writer and the researcher-ethnographer who has spent many forces for gathering of a unique collection. In 1920s two more museums –The Semirechje Cossack troops and Republican-antireligious joined the museum fund. 

In 1929 the museum moved to Almaty and took place in a building of the Voznesensky Cathedral, where it joined with collection of Semirechie regional museum.

From 1985 the state museum was housed in specially designed building with a total area of 17557 sq. m. The building of the museum was constructed by J.Ratushniy, Z.Mustafina and B.Rzagalieva's projects. A display area of the museum is 4800 The total number of stored exhibits is 215972 units хр. (Including a fixed capital 176.565); 4383 subjects are presented to expositions.

The exposition of the museum placed in four exposition halls (a paleontology and archeology hall; anthropology and ethnography of Kazakhstan; Ethnography of the people of Kazakhstan, the Great Patriotic War; Sovereign Kazakhstan) reflects history of the country since the most ancient times up to now. Also thematic exhibitions, festivals, meetings, museum lessons are regularly held here.

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