The church Annovskii

The find of the maid

The old counrysides are interesting by themselves. Why from where came here people, why lived here for many years? Not indifferent people of region and the tireless scientist of Sarykol Valerii Starodub learn that Annovka was found by migrants, which in times of colonization by Russia the border sides of Kazakhstan were settled here. The road was shown by the real maid Anna of Empress.
It must be said that the colonization of border lands wasn’t done spontaneous. The owners of high rank made the inspection of new lands in order to define the convenience for settlement. Exactly with such mission came here the maid of Empress. It looks like they had rested here and the place was liked by the maid, because she ordered to establish here the settlement that was named in her honor and to build the temple. It was the biggest temple in region.

The mystery is chosen

Who was that mysterious maid, who made such a long way here?
As was proven everything was the truth. There was the maid and she was the founder of Annovka. The name was known and the last thing to be done is to find a maid with such name –and the person of the founder of Annovka will be known. But to learn the truth wasn’t so easy. According to the archives there were three maids with such name. All of them live at the same time but were different by age and responsibilities. The scientists decided that the founder was Anna Sheremetyeva.
Annovka with golden cupolas

As was learnt Anna Sheremetyeva was very smart. The place that she has chosen for settlement and temple was situated on the hill next to lake and steppes. In order to begin the building of temple she went to Novonikolaevsk to special department and became the sponsor of building. Off course not only she was the sponsor - that times money were gathered from everyone. Next to Annovka country sides were imposed taxes in shape of eggs, milk and other natural materials. The solution from such ingredients made bricks unbeatable, so that even today is very hard to break the wall of temple. The building of temple were conducted during few months. People said that this church is bigger than the Borovskaya church, which can be seen even nowadays.
Bu the Soviet power came here. An was decided to ruin the church. It was not so easy. They were unsuccessful to ruin it completely. But still people from other countrysides come here to pray in these walls. It says that there is something relic in the wall of the church and until it will be here will stand church Annovskii.

According to the materials of «Kostanay Agro»

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