The unique Bestamak

       Bestamak near the poselok Shili in Auliekol rayaon was discovered by chance. The author of the discovery is the lonely shepherd, who grazed his sheep on the same pasture for a long time. Once upon a time sheep trampled down the soil so much as on the bottom of the hollow the shepherd could see pots.
The news about the discovery came to the director of the sole archeological laboratory in Kostanay Viktor Logvin. He was the big fan of archeology and immediately go to Auliekol royon and he was amazed with the interesting material. Last years Bestamak was included in the republic program «Cultural heritage ». It is the tombstone of several archeological cultures, beginning from the stone age, bronze age, late bronze age, early iron age and ends with Middle ages, from the third thousand years till the first centuries A.C.
Treasures of Bestamak
For the exploration of Bestamak funds were given from the regional budget, as the tombstone deserved to be included in the cultural heritage of Kostanay regional treasure. This burial ground is the archeological treasure.
Every year Bestamak gives something new. Six years ago it gave us very unique burials of the Stone age, later by archeologists were found the evidences of Andronian culture. One of the most interesting samples, which was found in Bestamak – pendant plaque, open-work with delicate interweaving. It is the unique thing, delicate jewelry work. Our archeologists especially went to Chelyabinsk colleagues, but couldn’t brag about such finds. They have plaques for decoration of women clothes, but they are very simple, without delightful patterns.
According to the materials of «Kostanay Agro»

Necropolis Bestamak

The necropolis is situated on the north part of Torgai next to the river head of Ubagan. The tombstone was explored by the Torgai archeologist expedition during 9 field seasons 1991 –1993, 1997, 2002, 2003, 2005 -2008 y.

The total area of excavation nowadays is 9092 square km. During the period of exploration here were discovered and explored more than 170 tumulus and ritual constructions. The exploration of these objects have shown that tumulus Bestamak was used by ancient people during the long time from eneolith till the Middle ages.


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