Burial Kozy- Korpesh- Bayan sulu.

The Majestic tombstone (mazar) for lovers, erected near village Tansyk Ayaguzski region East-Kazakhstan area. It is one of the ancient monument in Kazakhstan, saved till our time. The General height is 11,65 m. Opinions about date of the building are diferent. In the opinion of certain researchers, it was erected in V-X cent., according to others - in X-XI cent. Many people were interested in ancient building, its unusual form, and also history.
Records of some researchers of XIX cent., who visited monument saved till our days. Chokan Valihanov, visiting the monument in 1856, was struck by its height: nine people were to get up on each other so that the upper one could reach the dome. The outlines of statues stood near the monument made by him have great value. According to the legend figures were describing Kozy-Korpesh, Bayan Sulu, her younger sister and daughter-in-law. They say even Pushkin, being in Orenburg steppes, heard and wrote epos about tragic of kazakh Romeo and Juliette.

The old-time legend about tragic love of Kozy-Korpesh and Bayan Sulu states: certain friends Sarybay and Karabay promised in childhood to make married their own children before their birth .
Sarybay dies during hunt before his son birth.
The Growing Kozy and Bayan who hadn’t yet seen each other, but tied by the marriage agreement, have finally loved each other. As time pass by perfidious Karabay changes the life plans. He promises to return its daughter for local paluan Kodar, who once saved his flocks from jute. Kodar becomes the barrier between two lovers. In this eternal triangle Kozy first dies . The saddened bayan to avenge the murderer, makes tricks. She promises to marry Kodar if he will dig a pit with spring water. Kodar starts to work holding hairs of insidious Bayan. The Girl unexpectedly cuts the locks: Kodar falls in abyss and perishes. Hereunder Kozy is avenged. According to the legend heroine pierces herself with dagger on his grave. 
 The oldsters tell, their burial is covered densely by wild rose bush, where once upon a time scarlet and white roses have bloomed. The Flowers, however, pleased the eye of the wayfarernot not so long. They drooped, turned black, and dried.
The Name of jigit Kozy-Korpesh and beauty Bayan are indivisible already for fifteen ages! But beauty and power of their feeling overlived mirk of deaths eternal unconsciousness. The love Light of two hearts inspired the akins, playwrights, ethnographer and historians of all times and folk.

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